Session 1 - The Transformation of Cities
Throughout history, urban design has evolved based on the influences of the times. Join us as we explore some of the challenges facing urban design. From 'smart cities' to self-driving cars - what influence do these advancements have on an urban scale? How do today's humans want and need to interact with their cities? Furthermore how do future technological advances impact existing infrastructure of established urban developments?
Session 2 - The Transformation of Making
From wireframing on whiteboards to painting in virtual space, our creative canvas is no longer... canvas. Our abilities, services, and stories are being created in a wide technological spectrum that enables us to bring clarity to our intent by bringing the sketch to life. How was this spectrum influenced the quality, speed, and impact of our work? Has more technology lead to more efficiencies or a paradox of now having more challenges in more mediums? This session aims to reveal how today's processes, materials, and expectations of practice have broadened and what these changes mean for the next wave of professionals.
Session 3 - The Transformation of Campus
The University of Kansas has seen significant investment and new construction in recent years. From the restoration of Jayhawk Boulevard, to innovative new buildings, to the landscape changing Central District Masterplan, the KU Campus has transformed into a state of the art community of learning. Where have we been, where are we going, and what is the future of Campus?

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We are excited to be able to offer 6 AIA CEU Credits at this year's symposium!

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