The KU School of Architecture and design is excited to welcome Jayhawks back to Lawrence during KU Homecoming Week this October.

Fall colors will be at their peak, town and campus will be buzzing, and we have a lot planned. . . 

Check back Friday morning for a livesteam of the 12K Day Alumni Design Forum: The Intersections of Education & Practice.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm | Welcome Party & Alumni Awards at The Eldridge Hotel, Crystal Ballroom

Join us for refreshments and hors d’oeuvres as we welcome alumni back to Lawrence and toast the winners of the 2019 Alumni Awards--Rick Embers, Jaimie Koval and Kate Renner. 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award honoree, David Hill, will provide keynote remarks. Connect with fellow alumni, meet current students, faculty and staff, then spill out onto Massachusetts Street.  

Friday, October 25, 2019

The School of 12K aims to bridge the gap between our current students and faculty and the working professionals who call KU their alma mater. 12K Day is a day that we will explore the network of 12,000 alumni, students, faculty, and staff connected by KU and the drive to create. We have invited an accomplished group of alumni design leaders from around the country to share their insights and engage in discussions with students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This year's Forum will feature eight fast-paced presentations by a multidisciplinary group of KU alumni design leaders punctuated by faculty instigated discussions on the ways educational institutions and the design professions work together to drive innovation.

9:00 am - 9:20 am | Coffee and Check-In, The Fourm at Marvin Hall
9:20 am - 9:30 am | Welcome from Dean Mahbub Rashid
9:30 am - 12:30 pm | 12K DAY Alumni Design Forum: the Intersections of Education & Practice

Session one features speakers testing how different methods of experimentation and communication can foster new creative insights within academia and the professional world. 

Dana Karwas | Director, Center for Collaborative Arts and Media, Yale University

Cross-Disciplinary Intelligence

Increased collaboration across disciplines has introduced a cross-disciplinary intelligence within design practice; illuminating the creative pressure on existing disciplines while making new forms of design communication visible. By viewing interdisciplinary work through a culture of technology and experimentation this presentation will interrogate the following lines of inquiry: how is work initiated across mediums? how can interdisciplinary context, resources, and methods be introduced into pedagogy and practice? and how can collaboration support an atmosphere of freedom and experimentation? In this discussion, these questions and others will be articulated through a series of projects, prototypes, and historical references. 

Shaun Lang | Photographer, Ayzenberg Group

The Value of Photography in the Digital Age

Photographers have had to evolve. Social media, virtual reality, 3D rendering/printing, and apps like Cinema 4D have forever altered the public and therefore the client perception of photography and the fundamental value of the photographer. Although this change began with the advent of digital it accelerated exponentially with the iPhone and Instagram. I am going to discuss how creatives and educators can evolve with the ever-changing industry by embracing these challenges instead of fighting them, and how do we as photographers integrate ourselves to be the first option and not an afterthought.

Tony Marin | Creative Director, VMLY&R

Conversation design killed the headline

Social media has given brands the power to go from monologuing to dialoging with consumers, thus building new relationships every day. Join Tony Marin VMLY&R Executive Creative Director as he shares the secret sauce that helps his team make Wendy’s social media such a success.

Douglas Pancoast | Head of Research & Development, Urban Mobility, Robert Bosch LLC

Model / Make  / Move

Mobility is messy. Online interaction, mobile computing, internet of things connectedness and data availability / analysis are remaking built space, urban life and consumer service economies. In many cities population is growing and individual car ownership is declining, as people shift towards active transportation, mobility as a service, micro-mobility and shared use mobility at increasing rates.

The second session will cover how creative culture, lifestyle, and behavior dynamics can help shape creative teams and impact the work those teams do.

Brandon Kent | Associate Principal, Gould Evans

Hire the person, not the portfolio

At Gould Evans we have launched EDCO a client strategy that uses research, pedagogy, and space design strategies to prepare today’s students, employees, and employers for the rapidly evolving world of work. Our approach prepares clients for the future, supporting institutional resiliency and encouraging 21st-century skillsets.
The skillsets that employers seek are more collaborative, built around problem solving, grit and cognitive flexibility. No longer are the days that a portfolio is the key ingredient to find talented designers. I will explore the impact of our research on our own hiring process and discuss the need for critical thinkers mixed with talent. A beautiful portfolio does not guarantee success as rendering software becomes more accessible and portfolios start to look the same. The differentiator is soft skills

Stephen Hopkins | President, Shield Healthcare and Sport

Architects: Go the F@$& to Sleep

The worst kept secret across many university campuses is that architecture students get very little sleep. Marvin Hall is adorably named The Lighthouse and students routinely brag about their late nights. The culture of architectural education is one of fatigue. Too frequently this carries into the professional ranks as well. Why do we insist on glorifying this weakness?

Amber Goodvin | Social Content Leader, Hallmark

Making + Motherhood

My first 14 years at Hallmark gave me a deep education in hand lettering, studying under a team of master artists and learning the art of communicating emotion through lettering and illustration. Becoming a mother, while disruptive to my creative process (and identity!), has ultimately brought more depth to my work. In my new role as Social Content Leader for Hallmark Baby, I develop strategic content using my skills as a creative, and draw on all my (joyful/awful) experiences with motherhood to attract new consumers + tell the story of our brand.

David Altis | Executive Design Director, VMLY&R

Design is not a solo mission

The transformational power of product and service design has forever changed modern business. Many companies mold design cultures customized to their unique needs but the one constant is that design at scale is a team endeavor, and you should check your title at the door. Join Dave Altis, VMLY&R Executive Design Director as he explores a modern design team and how they work together to deliver design at velocity.

12:30 pm - 2:00pm | Torched Goodness Food Truck Out Back

Grab some lunch from the food truck out back, McLain's Market or any KU Dining facility before the afternoon ArcD Showcase!

1:30 pm - 5:00pm (ongoing) | Architecture & Design at KU Showcase

The ArcD Showcase is designed to celebrate the studio work, research, professional development, technology and technique that is employed in our classrooms every day. Sit in a gallery talk and take in the student and faculty work on exhibit, attend the student leadership panel, or wander through Marvin and Chalmers Halls and catch a technology demonstration.

1:30 pm | Student Leadership Panel, The Forum at Marvin Hall

Student organization leaders will introduce themselves, their programs and organizations and talk about the work and events that they do and their expereicne as studetns in the ArcD Community. 

2:30 pm | Letterpress Demonstration, Chalmers 324

                Robotics Demonstration, Marvin Studios Robotics Lab

                3rd-Year Portfolio Recognition, Art & Design Gallery 

3:00 pm | Risograph Demonstration, Art & Design Gallery

3:30 pm | Historic Preservation and Digital Fabrication Demonstration, Art & Design Gallery

4:00pm | ArcD Research Talks, Art and Design Gallery

     4:00 pm | Documentation, Digital Corrections and 3D Printing for Replication of Historic Stone Building Features, Amy Van de Riet, Megan Bruey and Jordyn Tobias

     4:10 pm | Project Lemonaid, Hannah Park

     4:20 pm | Open Authorization: UX Guidelines for Improved User Privacy Protections (GoogleUX), Michael Eckersley, Amulya Shrestha and Michael Brock

     4:30 pm | Superpwers, Kent Smith

     4:40 pm | Participation, Gregory Crichlow

5:30 | Final Friday Homecoming Networking Event

Students, alumni, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to attend a Final Friday Happy Hour at Merchants Pub & Plate. The KU Homecoming Parade will start at South Park at 5:00 pm on Friday and end at 7th and Massachusetts! Nametag prompts will be used for networking purposes. “Ask me about internships”…”Ask me about my studio project”…


All events are FREE. CEU credits are available. 

For specific questions or inquiries, you can contact us at