Call for Proposals
Excellence & Impact: SADP Design Research Symposium 2017
Thursday, February 23, 2017
Excellence & Impact: SADP Design Research Symposium 2017 will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2017. This event will occur during the week of our Career Fair on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 and our School’s Advisory Board Meeting on Friday, February 24, 2017. In that way, we hope to create a better synergy among our students, alumni, faculty and professional/industry partners and sponsors. 

Please note that to encourage full student participation, Thursday, February 23, 2017 will be a teach-in day. Therefore, please make sure to identify the date on your course syllabi as appropriate. Please also inform your students that as a teach-in day they are asked to attend the symposium.

The symposium will be live-streamed. Presentations and presentation transcripts will be made available through our School’s website at a later date.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Eligibility: All faculty, staff and students are eligible to submit proposals. Graduate students are encouraged to make independent submissions. However, undergraduate students willing to present at the symposium must have a faculty sponsor. All submissions will be considered for presentation at the symposium.

Submission Categories: Submissions can be made in any one of the following categories of design research: 

a.       Creative Work 
b.       Engaged Scholarship
c.       Research
d.       Published Books

If your topic would cover two or more of these areas, please identify them appropriately in your submission.

Presentation format: Please select any one of the following three formats of presentations: (1) a 20-minute oral presentation, (2) a poster (one or more 20”x30” boards), and (3) an artwork display/s (static or interactive). In case you plan to present differently, please provide clear instructions in your proposal/s so that necessary arrangements can be made for your presentation.

We will try to accommodate all presentations in the formats selected by you. However, if we have more oral presentations than what we can accommodate within our time limits, the Graduate Studies and Research Committee may ask you to submit a poster or an artwork in place of an oral presentation.

You may submit more than one proposal, but we will give priority to providing as many presenters as possible a chance to present.

Submission Format: Your proposal submission should include:   

1.       Your Name and Title:
2.       Your Department:
3.       Co-Presenter’s Name:
4.       Co-Presenter’s Department: 
5.       If Applicable, Name(s) of Undergraduate Student(S) You Nominate for Presentation:
6.       Category of Submission:
a.       (  ) Creative Work
b.       (  ) Engaged Scholarship
c.       (  ) Research
d.       (  ) Published Books
7.       Presentation Format: 
a.       (  ) Oral Presentation 
b.       (  ) Poster
c.       (  ) Artwork Display/s
d.       (  ) Another Format (please describe)
8.       Title of Your Presentation:
9.       Full Description of Your Presentation (250 words max.):
Submission Deadline: Please submit your proposals before or by Friday, January 20, 2017 at

Review Process: The symposium will include all the submissions made by the deadline. If necessary, the Graduate Studies and Research Committee may ask for clarifications and/or additional information on your proposal. Again, you may submit more than one proposal, but we will give priority to providing as many presenters as possible a chance to present.  Please make sure to check your submission/s for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, since we will include them in a symposium booklet to be published by the School.

Please let us know if you have any questions at

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