The 2018 Arc/D Alumni Symposium theme is the 12K Who Converge: Exploring current and future intersections in the professions of architecture and design. 

Session 1: Converging on Society
In today's interconnected world, we see things happening in real time and faster than ever. This accelerates changes in society, time to market, and perceptions of how design and architecture can impact our lives. This group of speakers has unique takes on how design can have an impact on our society.
Steve McPhillamy, Partner and Executive Director, Insight Accelerator Labs
Bob Berkebile, Founding Principal, BNIM, Founding Chairman, AIA Committee on the Environment
Christina Hoxie, Founder, Hoxie Collectiv
Session 2: Converging Disciplines
In design and architecture, lines are blurring and fields are converging. The divisions between disciplines are melting away and designers are jumping between mediums and applying their design skills to a variety of media.
David Hill, Vice President, Chief Design Officer & Distinguished Designer, Lenovo
Brad Satterwhite and Jonathon Kemnitzer, Founders, KEM Studio
Billy Chen, Principal, Studio SC
Nicole Satterwhite, Principal, Willoughby Design
Session 3: Converging on Data
In the 21st Century, many design problems are based on intangibles. Where many design problems used to be based on what we can see, the future of design is often based on data. These speakers live and breathe data and use their design knowledge to wrangle, cull, and organize that data to better society or create a better user experience.
Stephen Hardy, CEO, MySidewalk
Douglas Pancoast, Associate Professor, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects, SAIC<
Jamie Koval, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, Cooler Screens