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CDR Director Thomas updates WellCar progress on Mayo Clinic Podcast

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last week Center for Design Research director Greg Thomas updated progress on the WellCar during an appearance on the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation podcast. discussing his vision for the future of mobile healthcare. 

Host A.J. Montpetit, asked, “You’re really talking our love-language here at the Center for Innovation when you talk about bringing together an interdisciplinary team. So can you go that a little bit?”

Thomas described bringing together doctors, engineers, anthropologists and communications experts to work on the project.

“We do a lot of homework. In the case of the WellCar, the problem is huge. How are go you going to get paid for the worki? What is the wellcar’s mission? It’s really a diagnostic center on wheels,” Thomas said.

“It will never admit people into it, its not big enough. But we intended  for the nurse practitioner to go into the home. We’ve looked at this from many perspectives, from drug delivery to communications, to what the nurse would be doing. Now we are engaging a large insurance company to see how they might use this.

“The next experience will be in the field. We are right at the stage where a nurse practitioner is going to take the prototype out into the field. We have the confidence that it will happen. Thomas said. “We are going to stock the car and we’re going to have tests done on patients and sent to labs and verify it. I think by the end of the year.

Listen to the entire podcast at: https://soundcloud.com/mayoinnovation/wellcar/s-YsGwl

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