Design Lecture Series

The KU Design Symposium Lecture Series (formerly the Hallmark Symposium) was established in 1984 to enrich the education of all KU students, and in particular those in the Department of Design, through exposure to designers, artists and educators from the United States and around the world. In this 35-plus year history, the series has grown to become a cultural asset to the local creative community beyond campus. Each year, students and area professionals are able to view groundbreaking work, explore provocative ideas, and learn from the practitioners who are expanding what is possible through art, design, and creative action.  

All lectures begin at 6:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Livestream: / passcode: 214530


Fall 2022 Speakers

Aug. 25 | Jasjyot Singh Hans | Budig 130

Jasjyot Singh Hans is an illustrator unendingly inspired by an explosive neon mix of fashion, music and pop culture. He has a constant regard for the past and a voracity for all that is current. His work chronicles around themes of body image, sexuality and self-love.

Sept. 8 | Alison Nowak | Budig 130

Alison Nowak is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer who has worked with a wide range of clients, from individual artists to national retailers. Much of her design, communications and illustration work focuses on promoting sexual and reproductive health. Nowak has received awards from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and 3x3 Magazine.

Sept. 22 | Joey Zeledón | Online

Joey Zeledón works with objects to address their challenges and unlock their potential by designing for user needs, emotional connection and business constraints all within a compelling object narrative. Zeledón’s award-winning work has been featured in publications such as Design Milk, Dezeen, Fast Company, Interior Design, New York Times and TASCHEN. He is the author of Touchy/Feely, a book about emotional ergonomics.

Oct. 20 | Angela Clark | Budig 130

Angela Clark is a design and product development executive with a passion for creative leadership that contributes to the greater good. She has design and product development experience at leading international brands, including IKEA and Pottery Barn. Her career has spanned from designing medical devices, exercise equipment and fragrance delivery systems to decor, furniture and storage solutions for the home. She holds awards from Chicago Good Design and multiple patents.

Nov. 3 | Femke van Schoonhoven | Online

Femke van Schoonhoven is a senior product designer at Wealthsimple. Prior, she held positions at Uber working on payment experiences for drivers and merchant solutions for Uber Eats. While at Uber, van Schoonhoven started a YouTube channel to teach product design and user research to the next generation of designers. Her videos have received over 1 million views.

Nov. 17 | Gina Osterloh | Online

The printed image comprises the majority of Gina Osterloh’s oeuvre. Osterloh's photography, video, performance art, and steel sculptures with text activate photographic conditions including replica, representation, flatness and volume, presence and absence, illusion and the Real, desire and repulsion. Her work urgently ask us to pause – as we participate in a world of image text militarization, globally in an unconscious weaponized state of keloid.

Osterloh’s photography and live performances present strategies of abstraction, mark-making, the tracing of her own silhouette, and her body bound in reflective tape– to interrogate the boundaries of a body and preconceived notions of identity.  Osterloh’s meticulously constructed photo tableaux and drawings for the camera expand our understanding of portraiture and what photography can be. Symbolic themes and formal elements such as the void, orifice, camouflage, and the grid, in addition to a heightened awareness of color and repetitive pattern appear throughout Osterloh’s work.  Osterloh cites her experiences as a mixed-race Filipinx American woman in Ohio as a set of formative experiences that led her to photography, larger questions of perception, and how a viewer perceives difference.

Dec. 1 | Justin C. Harder | Online

CLAUS is the moniker for the one-man creative studio of illustrator and designer Justin Harder. With a distinct sense of humor, a clear focus on bold, graphic illustrations, and conceptually sound graphic design problem-solving, CLAUS brings a unique perspective to solutions for clients of all sizes.