Architecture Advising 

Undergraduate: (entry from High School or Transfer students)
Master of Architecture (5-year program)

First-year students will be advised during their KU orientation sessions for their first semester enrollment. For subsequent semesters each student will be assigned an Architecture Department faculty member for advising. Students will be notified before second semester enrollment via e-mail regarding advising procedures and faculty advisor assignments.

Change of School and Readmitted students are advised by Joan Weaver Coordinator of Architecture Student Services, 

Master of Architecture (5-year) students change to graduate status final year and do not apply to Graduate Studies at KU. These students adhere to undergraduate policies and University regulations regarding probation, dismissal and GPA requirements.

Graduate: (Admitted to Graduate Studies Program in Architecture)
Newly admitted graduate students are emailed initial enrollment information for online enrollment by Joan Weaver, Coordinator of Student Services for Architecture.

Master of Architecture Professional Programs, M.Arch II & III:
Graduate students are by Joe Colistra, Chair of the Department of Architecture, by appointment.

Master of Arts in Architecture Program:

Students in this degree will be advised by a main faculty advisor in their area of interest.

PhD Program:
Students in this program may be advised by Professor Mahbub Rashid for progress and students will work with their faculty committee members for further semesters.

Additional Information

Change-of-Schedule (add/drop) used after online add deadline or approval for enrollment over-the-limit (must see Laura Leonard for approvals)
Petition for Substitution (pdf) (M.Arch 5-year and Arch Studies)
Petition for Course Waiver (pdf) or substitution (M.Arch II & III)

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