Final Year Options

student in hard hat in construction area

Gensler/GastingerWalker & Co-Op

Fall internship; Spring campus capstone studio

The Fall semester provides an immersed orientation to the professional workplace, the spirit of design teams, the design and delivery process, and an exploration into the urban existence of distinctly different cities. The paid internship program provides hands-on project experience in firm offices across the country--Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City or Los Angeles. After spending the Fall researching and collaborating in separate cities, the intern team reconvenes back in Lawrence for the final semester where teams explore a thesis based topic manifested from their Fall research. Alongside the KU Architecture faculty, the professional sponsors participate in studio reviews, critiques and semester studio development.

Health & Wellness

Fall internship; Spring campus health studio

Students can earn a Certificate for Health & Wellness Architecture and/or pursue a Health + Wellness option for their final year in the Master of Architecture program. A 75 credit (typical) option is crafted to prepare students for professional careers in healthcare and lifecare architecture, or in any building type concerned with the promotion of human wellness (e.g. workplaces, homes, schools).

Paris Academic Internship


This program enables students to complete studio coursework under the tutelage of Professor Pierre Engel at the Ecole Nationale Superieure D'Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine and Professor Steve Padget of the University of Kansas, as well as engage in a part-time, academic internship with one of Europe’s most prestigious practices. Students are exposed to the latest European architectural projects and to the international practice of architecture focused on large-scale projects in an urban setting utilizing advanced technology. See KU Study Abroad for more information. 

Sports & Entertainment

Summer/Fall internship; Spring Kansas City Design Center Studio

Students complete Fall Semester internships in top sports and entertainment design firms, such as: AECOM, BRR, DP Architects, Cannon Design, Haenglim, HNTB, HOK, Hollis+Miller, Manica, PGAV, Populous, and TK Architects. The Spring Semester studio is completed at the Kansas City Design Center. 

Studio 804

Fall/Spring design-build project

A comprehensive educational opportunity for Graduate students entering the final year of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design. Every year, Studio 804 produces one building with the support of the organization and individuals committed to environmental stewardship that the program is able to continue its service to the community at large.