About the School of Architecture & Design (ArcD)

The two departments that make up the KU School of Architecture & Design (ArcD) are among the oldest academic units of their kind in the country.  

ArcD academic programs, studios, and research centers are driven to meet challenges through relentless creativity and solutions-based design. 

Our Mission is to equip graduates with the insights and expertise needed to thrive professionally and contribute to society in ways that foster a more equitable, healthy, and ecologically sustainable future.

We are a Community animated to find solutions through creative inquiry and engaged design practice.

Our School is Committed to educating the next generation of architects and designers to understand our multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural histories, cultures, and experiences. Further, we are dedicated to actively working toward a more equitable and inclusive future through our curriculum, projects, and actions.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the School of Architecture & Design

Mahbub Rashid Interim Dean

Andrea Herstowski Associate Dean of Administration

Tim Hossler, Chair, Department of Design 

Kapila Silva  Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Hui Cai Chair, Department of Architecture


Our award-winning faculty of practicing architects, designers, and scholars teach and challenge students by creating opportunities to work on real-world projects in studios designed to reflect the professional world. 

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