Faculty Resources


Please visit the KU Policy Library for all University Policies.

See Policies and Resources for School and Department level policies.

See Policy Language for Syllabi for Design Department policies you can add to your syllabi.


Please fill out the Travel Request Form. A copy of your submission will be sent to the department chair. 

Travel protocol: 

  • Step 1: Internal travel authorization.
  • Step 2: Upon internal funding approval, please use Concur to submit Create a pre-trip Concur Travel Request per KU policy. All university-related travel before it becomes required 12/31/2022. Please email travel@ku.edu if you have any travel program questions. You can also email: Lori Gutsch, Assistant Director, Travel Services for Concur related questions. 
  • Step 3: Strongly recommend that you request a P-card so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Contact Jim regarding P-card. 
  • Step 4: Book business travel in Concur Travel,  
  • Step 5: Submit trip expense/reimbursement requests to the SSC or travel processor. 


Please submit the receipts and reimbursement requests to Alec Stremel <alec5629@ku.edu>  or SSC Finance Architecture and Design sscfinancearch-d@ku.edu, and Jim Hammen. 

Care reporting is designed to encourage early identification of individuals who may be experiencing difficulty coping with their environment or a life circumstance. 

Fill out a Care Report

Book rooms on Picktime

This platform is best for one-off uses of our shared Marvin and Chalmers spaces. If you need to reserve a room on a recurring basis, or an ongoing exhibit in a pin-up space, please email Raina, rainamiyake@ku.edu
To book a space, you will need to select all of the 60-minute time blocks within your desired time of use.

Architecture/IA Academic Warning Form

Instructors: Please email this form to the student in question and copy arch-ia-advising@ku.edu to loop in the ARCH/IA Academic Advising Team.
For graduate students, copy  Jordan Wade (jordanwade@ku.edu) and HuiCai@ku.edu instead.

Academic Warning Form

Faculty Enroll and Pay How-To's

Online Grade Change Form - Submit this form for grade changes that are more than one year old and for changes within one year that cannot be done in Enroll & Pay for the following reasons:

Student has graduated

The current grade is a P (Progress)

Student is withdrawn from the class

Credit/No Credit (with the exception of the Law School)