Master of Arts in Architecture

The post-professional Master of Arts (MA) in Architecture is a research-based academic program for students interested in the study of architecture from an academic and scholarly perspective. Designed for scholars with undergraduate degrees in architecture and related disciplines, the program has an established legacy of academic excellence and record of achievement that includes numerous national student research honors.

Drawing upon the resources available at an AAU research institution and the diverse expertise of KU architecture faculty, MA in Architecture students can explore a range of approaches to analyze the built environment in individualized plans of study. A careful process partners students with faculty who can best serve to advance individual academic and professional goals. These faculty advisors teach, mentor, and assist students in developing focused research that is situated for scholarly impact.

Graduates of the program are equipped with advanced research skills and powerful insights applicable to professional practice and further advanced academic study.

Degree Requirements

Completion of the MA degree requires a total of 36 credit hours of coursework.

  • Students complete one 3-hour course in research methods.

  • In addition to core courses, students complete a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours in their concentration.

  • With the consent of a student’s advisor and the approval of the graduate studies committee, a student may take a maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit in courses outside the School of Architecture & Design.

  • Students may complete an academic or design-related project or take a comprehensive examination at the end of the plan of study.

  • Six hours of the 36-hour course of study are composed of coursework in which the student prepares a written project or thesis, or additional coursework in the student’s concentration to prepare for a final written examination.