Students sit with sketchbooks in their laps, facing Mexican architecture.

The School of Architecture & Design offers a variety of study abroad programs for students in all the school’s degree programs. These include internships abroad, semester-long programs, and summer or winter break options with KU faculty. Most students can fulfill graduation requirements and maintain progress toward their degree while studying abroad. All study abroad programs carry academic credit and can count toward earning your degree. About 28.8 percent of KU undergraduate students participate in a study abroad program before graduation.

The KU Architecture program is designed in a way that facilitates opportunities for all students to participate in a study abroad experience while earning their degree. Students often take this opportunity (ARCH 690: Study Abroad) during winter or summer sessions between third & fourth or between fourth & fifth years of study.

Where Can I Study?

Some past and current locations include Singapore, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden, Costa Rica, South Korea, and China. The University offers programs in about 70 countries worldwide. For more information about the different programs, visit the Study Abroad & Global Engagement website.

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How to Select Your Program 

A great first step is for students to visit drop-in advising located at the SAGE Info Center in 105 Lippincott Hall. This allows one to sit down and have a conversation with a peer advisor about programs, concerns/questions, scholarships & financial aid. The office is open Monday-Friday from 9-5 and there is no appointment necessary.

Students may participate in many programs as soon as the summer or winter break after their first year. Programs are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Students pose in front of pink and orange Architectural structure.

Study Abroad Options for Architecture

Colorful Italian buildings line a canal

Study Abroad Options for Design  

Student-Initiated Programs (SIPs)

Occasionally, students may seek to fulfill the study abroad requirement through a non-KU Architecture Department study abroad program. Students seeking to participate in study abroad programs outside of KU’s recommended programs must submit a petition to the KU Architecture Curriculum Management Committee to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Non-KU programs must meet the conditions outlined in the School of Architecture and Design’s Study Abroad Guidelines (Section 2 - Program Proposal Expectations and Section 3 - Program Proposal Requirements). Students considering a Student Initiated Program should meet with a Study Abroad program coordinator early in the process to ensure they understand program and petition requirements, application processes, program costs, etc.