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Sports & Leisure Program

Program Overview

The Sports and Entertainment Program at the University of Kansas represents a cutting-edge initiative focused on providing students with a dynamic and immersive educational experience. This program is designed to equip graduates with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of contemporary issues in the fields of sports, leisure, urban data analytics, algorithmic modeling and parametric design.

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Gustavo Amaral

I see our future as a hub of sports facility knowledge, where we use technology to delve into the intricacies of spatial problems. While sports are discussed across various professions, what sets us apart at KU is our focus on space. We act as a bridge between state-of-the-art technologies like urban data science, algorithm modeling and advanced analytical techniques, and the spatial aspects of sports facilities at various scales.

Gustavo Amaral
Program Director
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Comprehensive Curriculum

The Sports and Entertainment Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to address the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities intersection of sports architecture, urban development, and design computation.


Contemporary Questions

The program is centered around addressing contemporary questions and challenges in the sports and entertainment industries. Students will engage in discussions and projects related to stadium design, fan experience enhancement, sustainable practices, and more.


Interdisciplinary Research

The Sports and Entertainment Program welcomes researchers and scholars from diverse fields and backgrounds, including architecture, urban planning, data science, journalism, and history. It offers a platform for anyone interested in exploring how these structures function, interact with modern cities and societies, and have evolved throughout history.

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Spatial Data Analytics

The program equips students with a data-driven skill set that prepares them for the data-intensive demands of the sports architecture industry, with a particular emphasis on urban data analytics.


Parametric Design

Students work with emerging technologies related to algorithmic modeling, parametric design tools and methodologies to create innovative and sustainable solutions for sports and leisure environments. 


Extensive Resources

Our resources encompass a wide range of firms, international databases, and projects that create a vast repository of Sports and Leisure projects, providing insights into the industry’s evolution. This includes community centers, indoor sports halls, large stadia, multipurpose halls and arenas, pools and wellness facilities, as well as specialized sports infrastructure. 

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Practical Experience

The program places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning. Students will not only engage in real projects but will also have the invaluable opportunity to embark on internships with leading sports architecture firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This immersive experience provides students with practical insights into the dynamic fields of sports and entertainment, and networking opportunities that can lead to future career opportunities.


International Experience

Students in our program can participate in guided trips and courses abroad to explore the global effects of sports facilities on international urban settings. These experiences provide insights into how these structures interact with diverse urban environments and societies worldwide, expanding students’ perspectives and enhancing their understanding of the global impact of sports and leisure facilities.


Global Connections

Our program features a distinguished faculty with international experience in sports architecture. They are well-connected to a broad network of firms and professionals globally, as well as institutions like the IAKS (International Association for Sports Facilities) or the UIA (International Union of Architects) Sports and Leisure working Group. 

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