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The Institute for Health+Wellness Design is a unique component of the School which focuses on planning and design issues related to healthy communities and healthcare architecture. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare organizations, design firms, and governmental research agencies, the Institute utilizes faculty expertise to investigate common practice issues and pursue specific research initiatives on behalf of clients.

The Institute provides design consultation and client-commissioned research services in many areas including post-occupancy evaluation, high-performance workplaces, and mobile healthcare design, critical care, rural healthcare, emergency care design, and participatory and virtual simulation design. This expertise is expanded through our diverse network of faculty in Arc/D’s Architecture and Design Departments, and the KU Schools of Medicine and Business. A full list can be found here.

Services offered by the institute include:
      Planning and design consultation services for healthcare organizations and design firms

      In-depth research studies on topics such as post-occupancy evaluations, simulation

          modeling, and space mock-ups

      Development of methods and metrics to evaluate design

      The translation of research outcomes for designers, medical professionals, policymakers,

          and the public

      Providing unique educational and training opportunities for practicing professionals

      Aiding the commercialization of design and innovative practices

      Serving as a repository for international guidelines and standards

Additional benefits are available to those who become Affiliate Members of the Institute.

Download the 2017 Annual Report for the Institute for Health +Wellness Design below: 



For Further Information, Contact:

Frank Zilm, D. Arch, FAIA, FACHA
Chester Dean Director of the Institute for Health and Wellness Design                            



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