ArcD Alumni Award Nomination


Lifetime Achievement Award honors alumni (in profession for 40+ years) for exceptional contributions to the design and/or architecture professions over the course of a career.  

Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni (in profession for 10+ years) who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in leadership and professional merit in the design and/or architecture professions.   

Young Architect/Designer Award honors “rising star” alumni (in profession less than 10 years) who have demonstrated leadership and made significant contributions to the design and/or architecture professions. 

Distinguished Service Award honors alumni with exceptional achievements in other areas related or unrelated to design and/or architecture practices. These areas may include but are not limited to education, environmental sustainability, social justice, public service, and community engagement. 

Nominee is a graduate of at least one of the following degree programs: 

  • Department of Architecture – any degree program. 
  • Department of Design – Design Management, Illustration/Animation, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Interior Design, Photography/Photo Media, Visual Communication/Graphic Design. 
  • Architectural Engineering 2003 and earlier graduates. 
  • Urban Planning – 2015 and earlier graduates. 

1. Nomination Form 

  • Online form (starts below on this page)

2. Letter of support (1-2 pages, less than 1,000 words) that answers the following questions:  

  • Why is the nominee deserving of the award? 
    Brief statement (1 to 3 sentences) that illustrates the nominee's excellence and impact relevant to the award. 

  • What are some of the nominee's professional achievements? 
    Notable projects, patents, publications, exhibitions, honors, career milestones. 

  • How has the nominee's career and personal endeavors had meaningful positive impacts? 
    Significant contributions made as a leader, expert, innovator, or mentor; key activities that have advanced the profession, served professional and civic communities, etc. 

*Letter of support can be either entered into text fields on online form or uploaded.

3. Supporting materials that illustrate achievements, professional contributions, public service, etc. Examples of items to include:  

  • CV, resume, portfolio 

  • Images of projects, infographics, published features  

  • List of publications, projects, exhibitions, awards, media mentions and features 

  • List of links to professional websites, portfolios, image galleries, social media