Architecture Department Portfolio and Studio Documentation Requirements

All students must maintain a record of work as they proceed through the program. It is recommended that all major projects be included in the portfolio as well as selected examples of work from support and elective courses such as building technology, construction documents, and photography.  

The portfolio is a prerequisite for advancement in the studio course sequence and may be requested by the studio critic on the first day of class. For those who enter ARCH508/509, IA508, ARCH608 or IA608 in the Fall semester students are required to submit a digital, comprehensive professional portfolio on the first day of class for Fall semester. 

Please develop your folio in 8.5” x 11” (portrait orientation) in two-page spreads with front and back covers. Include a resume and examples of at least one major project from each semester of the design sequence, including the foundations studios in the first year. 

When your digital portfolio is completed, upload it in two forms:  

  • First, in PDF format (must be a single PDF @ 250MB max, saved as LastName_FirstName_ARCH508_509 (or IA508, ARCH608 or IA608) to the Project Server Folder where you will see a series of folders: sadpprojects/projects / Previous year_current year_Portfolios / 3rd Year Folios (or 4th Year Folios). Please see attached instructions from Henry Troyer in the Bridge Lab, here and here

  • Second, an ISSUU link —please send via Direct Message to Shannon Criss in MS TEAMS. ISSUU is free; you simply make an account and then there is a tab called ‘Become a Publisher.’  When you click on that you upload your folio and it gives you a link to the file for others to view it. 

If you have questions as you prepare your portfolio, for architecture students: DM Shannon Criss in MS TEAMS (or email at and for interior architecture students: DM Nisha Fernando in MS TEAMS (or email at for more information.