2024 Architecture Student Portfolio Awards

Since September 2021, the Architecture Department has led a portfolio review process for our 3rd and 4th year M.Arch Students. Our goal for this initiative is to 1) build a culture of support for our students as they develop their folios, 2) increase faculty conversations around what we are collectively teaching, and 3) connect our students with alumni and practicing architects through the folio review process. Through this collective effort, we have identified over 70 folio-finalists and of those, our external reviewers recognized 26 folios as exemplary.

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Many thanks to the faculty, final-year students and alumni that have rallied around our young students with their generous gift of time and experience! 

Todd Achelpohl, Nadia Al-Ani, Emily Almloff, Gustavo Amaral, Alejandro Aptilon, Maddie Beck, Faysal Bhuiyan, Sarah Boyle, Jackson Bontty, Jenna Bracaglia, Hui Cai, Francesco Carota, Jae Chang, Sam Church, Joe Colistra, Kimberly Coulon, Shannon Criss, Dan Finnell, Emily Flachs, Liz Fraka, Kyle Gilboy, Jodi Gore, Nils Gore, Elman Graiz, Kurt Hong, Chad Kraus, Alex Lamoureux, Julie Larkin, Marie-Alice L’Heureux, Alex Martin, Andrew Moddrell, Dilshan Ossen, Ethan Overland, Maddie Parr, Xiaobo Quan, Mahbub Rashid, Marcus Ross, Madison Schaefer, Hugo Sheward, Morgan Siemers, Kapila Silva, Kent Spreckelmeyer, Liz Stone, John Trefry, Amy VanDeRiet, Keith VanDeRiet

ACI Boland Architects: Wilson Meeks, Cindy Smith; Arc S: Steve Chucovich; The Beck Group: David Morris, Jarrett Hardy, Liz Putnam, Sam Eichhorn, Aaron Rule; BNIM: Steve McDowell, Matthew Kella; Bopp Architecture: Dustin Bopp; BRR Architecture: Leah Edson, Jon Gripka, Vinny Huynh, Mariah Meyer, Sarina Shanks; CannonDesign: Amy Phillips, Arjun Bhat; Compuserve: Dave Hoffman; Davis Partnership Architects: Peter Carlson, Dominic Senska; DRAW Architecture: Madison Irwin; Gensler: Janet Ristuccia, Adamo Gumowski, Gretchen Kelly; GFF Architects: Mariah Trevizo, Blake Thames, Brian Kuper, Jim West, Jeremy Roehr, Deniz Soydan, Yasmin Al-Jafari, Jacob Thibodeaux, Jon Rollins, Gabrielle Duran, Camille Vigil, Sam Stribling, Santasha Hart; Gravity Works Architecture: Vince Haines; Gresham Smith: Brad Thaw; HDR: Melanie D’Souza; Herron Horton Architects: Jennifer Herron, Jeff Horton; HNTB: Robbie Powell; IJAY Enterprise: Irvetta Williams; JHP Architecture/Urban Design: Jonathan Brown; Lever: Henry Lennon; Lighting Design Alliance: Kelly Jones, Andy Powell; Mark Cavagnero Associates: Christopher Lee; M+H Architects: Larry Valenza, Haley Dougherty; Modus Architecture: Michael MacGregor, Clemente Jaquez, Joey Na, Justin Zumel; M. Moser: Helen Burke; multiStudio Michelle Barrett, Tabitha Darko, Jay Holley; NBBJ: Daniel Ayars; NSPJ: Lane Edson; Odimo: Amy Slattery; Olson Kundig: Brandon Crain, Justin Dennis; OZ Architecture: Chris Vandall; Patterhn Ives LLC: Jonathan Wirth; Populous: Alex Ogata, Ben Naudet, Bill Bourne, Hugo Cabrera, Zach Allee, Emma Castro-Krivanek, Chris Isenhower, Bryan Schmidt; Simons Young + Associates: Schuyler Clogston; Slaggie Architects: Phil Dougherty, Scott Slaggie; Smith Group: Mecayla Cobb, Dylan Dennis, Kathy Kim; Softlab: Liz Kelsey; The Lawrence Group: David Ohlemeyer; TK Architects International: Michael Cummings; Travois Design: Chelsea Powell, Adam Teefey; TreanorHL: Neal Angrisano; University of Virginia: Lincoln Lewis; Tom Waechter; Warner-Nease-Bost Architects: Gary Warner; Wellner Architects, Inc.: Julie Wellner, Michael Wright

Honorable Mentions

Natalie Chalona, Emily Dulle, Jeremy Forman, Kate Hallman, Emma Hamer, Alyda Hunnicutt, Shyann Jonscher, Morgan Kime, Alice Kucherov, Avery Kuehl, Claire Lind, Ruiling Lu, Olivia Measells, Sara Miranda Luzio, Kevin Rauch, Matthew Rule, Alayna Thomas, Jeffrey Tistoj-Lara, Melia Whitney

Michael Akanni, Anas Alghamdi, Charles Allen, Kevin Bainter, Meaghan Booth, Louis Cobb, Adam Cory, Kaitlyn Dunn, Chloe Eminger, Emily Flachs, Michael Garrett, Isabela Gorgati, Luke Griffin, Tianyi Han, Emma Herr, Anan Hoque, Lin Jaw, Jordyn Knox, Hunter Locker, Matero Marin Palacios, Mallory McGraw, Reece Mehrens, Alex Meyer, Caleb Peters, Isaac Phillips, Micah Ramsay, Clara Scales, Vincent Yogasara, Elizabeth Zareh

Third-Year Winners

Ocean Babcock project

Ocean Babcock

“Enjoyed reading your portfolio because I got a sense of what you like, what was a struggle and how you adapted to find a solution.”

“Liked the layout and easy to read and follow. Creative.”

“Quality of work is high and the progression of ideas and understanding of architectural space and form is clear.”
Ben Burger Project

Ben Burger

“All of the projects show a level of maturity that is often not yet found in student work.”

“The folio is well organized with a consistent format that is easy to follow. Very professional.”

“Reviewing this demonstrates to me that this person has great potential to continue to grow their understanding of architecture.”
Paige Butterfield project

Paige Butterfield

“Good layout — consistent throughout.”

“The quality of each project was evident by the story presented. The consideration of existing conditions, thought processes, and design development were well presented.”

Third-Year Winners

Allison Dewey project

Allison Dewey

“This portfolio shows a very nice range of large scaled projects.”

“The work is well organized, not overwhelming from a graphic standpoint and easy to read.”

“Nice range of inspiration and storytelling, whether through diagrams, photos, sketches. There is a lot of great content in here!”
Katelyn Fuller project

Katelyn Fuller

“The way you showcased your projects, start to finish, was thorough and refined at the same time. You clearly illustrate the design process.”

“Really interesting work - sophisticated ideas well developed and expressed. Each project had at least one image or layout that was compelling, encouraging the viewer to dig in.”
Leslie Koffi project

Leslie Koffi

“Your diagrams, sketches and 2D plans and section images are exceptional.”

“You tell a good story that is quick and to the point. I loved the diagrams throughout, they really tell the story of each project.”

“Amazing piece of work. You can tell that you enjoy rendering and graphical art by this portfolio.”

Third-Year Winners

Spencer Landis project

Spencer Landis

“Overall, this is consistently packaged. The organization in and of itself is a reflection of the way Spencer thinks.”

“I appreciated the consistent graphics, including layout and color story. It made the entire portfolio very easy to follow.”

“Very impressive portfolio. I got a very good sense of the varying work and the development throughout the projects.”
Sarah Montes project

Sarah Montes

“Very engaging portfolio throughout and I appreciate all the information included in the resume that shows how involved the student is.”

“As a whole, these are very thoughtful academic projects that demonstrate clear design intent through well-composed imagery, diagrams, and models. I also find that they are in-line with the student’s expressed design voice that is focused on creating spaces to allow communities to re-write their narratives.”

Fourth-Year Winners

Yuridia Alviter-Rivera project

Yuridia Alviter-Rivera

“Great. Easy to read and straight forward.”

“The portfolio presented a range of understanding of both concept design and building systems.”

“The resume has a few interesting divergences from others — soft vs hard skills and languages. This adds interest.”
Ashlyn Caldwell project

Ashlyn Caldwell

“I was really impressed with Ashlyn Caldwell’s portfolio. I thought the projects themselves were super interesting, but I loved her drawings, and it all gave the impression that she works really hard! I really felt a sense of curiosity, passion and effort from her work.”

“You had a great range of projects! Loved that you also included work from your internship, but even your school projects had diversity in program, type, size, location. Really nice.”
Isaac Decker project

Isaac Decker

“He showed excellent skills in diagramming, drawings, and rendering while composing the work together as one story in his portfolio.”

“Very nice range of projects, from large scale multi-family to furniture.”

“Yes!! Analog vs. digital work, as well as personal interest work included and is very impressive. Projects are ambitious and show thoughtful refinement that is not seen in most students at this year of education.”

Fourth-Year Winners

Landon Dinkel project

Landon Dinkel

“There seems to be a strong grasp of architectural work coupled with specific experiments that the student was drawn to.”

“Content delivery is sharp. No looming questions were left in my mind about projects or who this designer is as a student and future professional. Overall incredible work here!”

“Architectural design projects are solid and show creative ambition in multiple different ways.”
Fernando Echauri project

Fernando Echauri

“You’ve done a great job of making each project spread professional and comprehensive. Well done. Love the layout. Very nicely done.”

“Fernando clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the unique and cohesive graphic style. Really above and beyond!”

“Nice use of diagrams and graphics to explain projects.”
Halle Emrich project

Halle Emrich

“This is a great range of projects. We see a lot of development from project to project and each one demonstrates a different project type.”

“Great to see all of your work experience, industry related and otherwise!”

“I enjoyed how professional the layouts are while also displaying artfulness and attention to detail. Really nice stuff.”

Fourth-Year Winners

Sophia Fields project

Sophia Fields

“I was particularly impressed with Sophia Fields. She exhibited diverse interests, great design talent, and she is a talented artist. I bet she is a joy to have in class.”

“I appreciated her narrative relative to her interests and other activities. And the inclusion of some of her artwork reinforces her well-rounded talent.”

“I felt that Sophia’s knowledge shined in terms of how a building is put together and appeared technically sound in terms of structural design sense."
Grant Fraikor project

Grant Fraikor

“The folio is well presented, eye catching and consistent throughout.”

“Interesting range of projects: Pop-up Museum, art pieces from recycled materials, grocery store….”

“Grant has a lot of great design ideas and I think he will go far as he seems to 'think' his ideas through.”
Brendan Gannon project

Brendan Gannon

“Well done. Good assortment of renderings, process oriented images, and just enough text to explain it all without overwhelming.”

“There is enough of a grid to feel cohesive, but enough breaking of the rules to feel designed.”

“Your ability to have clean plans/sections/elevations and diagrams with a great mix of page layouts and consistency, puts you at the top in my books!!!”

Fourth-Year Winners

Ryan Haight project

Ryan Haight

“The portfolio does an excellent job of delivering each project in a systematic and thoughtful way, moving from overall concept to more intricate plans, details and renderings. The designer’s thought process is well documented and clear, making a compelling case for each of their project.”

“I’m very impressed with the quality of Ryan’s work. His project display consideration for context and a refinement in tectonics and materiality. Each project is memorable, because they are well edited and don’t attempt to cram too many ideas into a single building. This shows a maturity that is rare in student work.”
Hanna Hissa project

Hanna Hissa

“I am incredibly impressed with the richness of Hanna’s portfolio, one of the strongest I have seen in a long time. I really enjoyed reading through each project’s narrative and found it to be very compelling.”

“The rendering style is distinctive and engaging while the accompanying graphics are clean and clear. Overall great work.”

“As a former graphic designer, I cannot tell you how much this portfolio really impressed me. The layout, balance of text and imagery, and the use of icons was so modern and editorial. I was so engaged navigating through these pages and projects.”
Jasmine Nguyễn project

Jasmine Nguyễn

“Stories and concept diagrams are clear. Overall reads really well.”

“Project imagery is high quality and attention to the craft of the overall portfolio is well appreciated. Nicely done and well presented.”

“Love the variety oof project types. You can really see nice progression of skills and ideas through the portfolio. Really nicely packaged together.”

Fourth-Year Winners

Brittany Perez project

Brittany Perez

“Very well thought out and published portfolio! The work flows nicely from the diagrammatic to the more detailed. Tasteful and fairly subtle use of color and a good mix of image vs. text to convey the ideas across to the viewer.”

“Brittany’s portfolio is so well done. The thoughtful mix of media types used to convey each project is top-notch.”

“Well organized and concise. Appreciate the inclusion of community involvement.”
Sara Rowley project

Sara Rowley

“It was great to see your progression in content creation and style through your years in studio. Keep continuing to hone your style!”

“Both the hand drawn and hard lined diagrams tell a great story of the thought behind their representative final projects. Great job. I like to see both. The hand drawn for their demonstration of the evolving thought process and the hard lined for clarity and distillation of ideas.”
Kaitlin Salanski project

Kaitlin Salanski

“All very nice work with beautiful graphics. Love the diagrams explaining major concepts and organizing ideas. Organized, thoughtful, direct, AND attractive.”

“Thank you for providing your volunteer work and involvement. It’s always nice to get to know people outside of class."

Fourth-Year Winners

Emme Schatz project

Emme Schatz

“Great diversity of work shown in this portfolio. I really enjoy the hand sketches and variety of different image types in each project “story”. You have hand sketches, diagrams, physical models, design inspiration, design/build etc. which I think really bolsters your story telling!”

“All documentation provides highlights and illustrates each project’s story well. You can see the overall thought put into each diagram or image. All imagery is informative and easy to decipher from a reviewer standpoint.”
Emily Schrumpf project

Emily Schrumpf

“Each project has a clear story told by clean and simple graphics. Overall, a beautiful portfolio.”

“The balance of more “sketch” style vs. graphic diagrams vs. realistic or “patchwork” renderings shows a great breadth of experience and capabilities which is exactly what you want to see in a portfolio. The story is well-documented and clear to the reviewer.”

“This student has done a wonderful job at showcasing their variety of skill and as a reviewer, this was an enjoyable portfolio to wander through and pause at the moments crafted.”
David Tauser project

David Tauser

“Really great range of work! Your latest projects have depth, showing that you not only have a knack for design but also that you can understand complex studies and design analysis. This helps me understand where some of the formal moves in your latest work stems from. “

“You are doing a really great job walking me through each project and how you approached it. The mix of diagrams, precedent images, site analysis, technical drawings are all really thoughtful and effective in helping me as a viewer to quickly understand what’s going on.”