Interior Architecture Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture and Design is unique among interior architecture and interior design programs in that it draws upon the nationally-recognized strengths of the School's architecture, visual communication and industrial design programs.  This creates an opportunity for a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, professional education that focuses on the heart of a building.

This 4-year program has also been aligned with the School's accredited Master of Architecture degree.  With less than two years of additional courses, students will complete the requirements for an innovative, joint B.S. Interior Architecture and Design-Master of Architecture degree.  The Master of Architecture (M.Arch) is a professional degree that is required if an individual wants to eventually earn a license to practice architecture.

First Year Fall
ARCH 108: Architectural Foundations I6
ARCH 103: Intro to Architecture3
ENGL 101: Critical Reading and Writing3
MATH 105 or MATH 1153
First Year Spring
ARCH 109: Architectural Foundations II6
ARCH 110: Intro to Design Computing3
PHSX 114: College Physics4
ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing3
Second Year Fall
IA 208: Interior Architecture Studio3
IA 405: Professional Communications Skills3
ARCH 524: Structures I3
ARCH 540: Global History of Architecture I3
IA 510: Human Factors in the Built Environment3
Second Year Spring
IA 209: Interior Architecture Studio II6
ARCH 541: Global History of Architecture II3
ARCH 624: Structures II3
Gen Ed Elective3
Third Year Fall
IA 508: Interior Architecture Studio III6
IA 522: Furniture Design3
ARCH 530: Environmental Systems I3
ARCH 626: Building Tech I: Construction Systems and Assemblies3
ARCH 552: Pro Practice3
Third Year Spring
IA 509: Design Build Studio6
IA 520: Products Materials and Specifications3
IA 541: History of Interior Architecture3
ARCH 531: Environmental Systems II3
Third Year Summer
IA 690: Study Abroad5
Fourth Year Fall
IA 608: Professional Internship6
Gen Ed Elective3
Gen Ed Elective3
Fourth Year Spring
IA 609: Integrated Interior Architecture Studio6
IA XXX: Lighting3
Gen Ed Elective3