Honor Roll (Dean's List)

What is the Honor Roll?

In order to reward strong academic performance, schools and departments across KU award placement on the Honor Roll (sometimes called the Dean's List) to a select group of students. The criteria for determining which students are awarded a place on the Honor Roll varies from school to school within KU. 


What are the qualifying criteria for Honor Roll in the School of Architecture & Design?

Undergraduate students admitted to degree programs offered by the School of Architecture & Design qualify for Honor Roll in a given semester if they earn a 3.75 or higher GPA in 12 or more credit hours graded A-F completed in that semester.

Our Honor Roll for a given semester is determined no later than the course completion deadline for that semester. The publishing date for our Honor Roll may vary. The School of Architecture & Design does not award an Honor Roll for summer semesters.

Students admitted only to minors and/or certificates offered by the School of Architecture & Design do not qualify for our Honor Roll. Only undergraduate students can qualify for our Honor Roll.


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