M.A. Design, Interaction and User Experience Design

The MA Degree affords students the requisite professional knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform as interaction designers. The program is developed for prospective students who already hold a related baccalaureate degree and who are seeking advanced study in a versatile, rapidly growing professional design discipline.

The University of Kansas offers a specialized M.A. in Design with a concentration in Interaction and User Experience Design, equipping students with comprehensive knowledge in the principles, methodologies, and applications of interaction design.

Interaction Design involves the creation of products, services, and systems that are not only functional but also user-friendly and appealing. It revolves around a human-centric approach to innovation, effectively bridging the gap between businesses and consumers while enhancing the relevance of brands and organizations in the market. In essence, it encompasses the shaping of the behavioral context of various elements such as artifacts, environments, and systems.

Candidates applying for the Interaction and User Experience Design concentration are expected to possess a minimum of two years of full-time professional experience in design or a relevant field.

Throughout the Master's program, students are required to demonstrate their capability in conducting original design research, translating insights gleaned from research into practical design solutions, and developing interactive artifacts of significance and quality. Completion of the program entails a minimum of 31 credit hours of coursework, the submission of a thesis documenting independent research findings, and successful completion of an oral examination based on the thesis outcomes.

Courses are offered at both the Lawrence and Edwards campuses to accommodate the needs of working professionals