Marvin Studios 3D Printer Lab


102 Marvin Studios

Primary Contact

Ben Brown,

Accessibility and Limitations on Use

Open to Arc/D students, faculty and staff.


Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Services Available

3D printing; filament provided by lab.

Appointment Required


Training Required

Yes. Familiarity with Rhino or 3D modeling programs.

Available Equipment

MakerBot Replicator II 3-D printers (4)

Rules on Usage

Posted in lab.  Machines can be used only for projects required in classes.

a) The use of the 3D Printers  is restricted to academic work only. You may not use it for personal projects, work for professional firms, or for academic work outside of KU School of Architecture & Design.

b) Students may not operate the 3D Printer. Only trained personnel may operate the 3D Printer.

c) Students may not bring files to the 3D Printer until they have read and agreed to all notices and guidelines in this document.

d) Students are expected to maintain a high level of respect for the 3D Printer operator.

e) Students may not leave the 3D Printer unattended while in operation.


File Creation (Design, Modeling & Format):

a) Files can be created in Rhino, SketchUp, 3d Studio Max, SolidWorks, etc.

b) ALL FILES MUST BE EXPORTABLE AS CLOSED STL FILES! The 3D Printer only recognizes model files in STL format that have no open edges.

c) All files must be expressed in inches at a 1:1 scale

d) Models are limited to a working envelope of 11.2” x 6.0” x 6.1”

e) Students must submit and review their file with the operator prior to printing.