Master of Architecture (2- or 3-year) Curriculum

The curriculum is designed in 3 parts. The first 2 semesters plus 2 summer sessions offer an accelerated education in the foundations of architecture as a professional discipline. The second academic year emphasizes professional development, with the comprehensive studio as a capstone experience. The third and final year offers students a choice of options for an inquiry of enhanced depth typical in graduate education. This allows students to develop a specialization by the time they complete the professional degree. The timing of course offerings is subject to change.

Academic Catalog:

2023-2024 M.ARCH Track II & III 

2022-2023 M.ARCH Track II & III

2021-2022 M.ARCH Track II & III

2020-2021 M.ARCH Track II & III

2019-2020 M.ARCH Track II & III