Minimum Graduation GPA, Academic Probation

Minimum GPA Required to Graduate

Students must meet or exceed a minimum 2.0 KU Cumulative Graduation GPA (just KU grades) and a 2.0 KU + Transfer GPA (KU and transfer grades) in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Department of Design.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on academic probation after completing a semester at KU a grade-point average (GPA) or 2.0 or lower. Students placed on academic probation are informed of their probationary terms and must have a mandatory advising meeting with a departmental advisor. For admissions purposes, students with strong portfolios may be admitted on a probationary basis if their grades or ACT scores are not strong enough.

Continued on Academic Probation

A student on academic probation may be continued on probation for an additional semester if the student's cumulative grade-point average shows considerable improvement.


A failure to raise the grade-point average above 2.0 in a semester while on probation may be grounds for dismissal. Students may also be dismissed by the Department of Design chair at any time for excessive absences or for failing to make progress toward the degree.

Good Standing

Students with KU semester and cumulative grade-point-averages of 2.0 or above are in good standing.