Note to KU Arc/D students: school coronavirus information webpage

Note to School of Architecture & Design Students: 

The School of Architecture & Design has created a School Coronavirus Information page to help communicate information specific to KU Architecture & Design students as the School and University continue to respond to the unfolding COVID-19 public health emergency. The page is linked on the far right-hand side of the School's homepage's top navigation.  

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. The majority of information regarding coursework, academic policies, remote learning procedures, and other items specific to the continuation of the Spring Semester will be communicated via email by your instructors, department chairs, and advisors. So, monitor your email often for updates. 

NOTE: University guidelines as stated on The University’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information webpage have precedence over School-level ones. If any information present on the School webpage or sent by individual instructors appears to conflict with University guidelines, please contact your department’s chair for clarification. 

We understand this is a difficult and bewildering time for all of you. Thank you for your continuing patience as School administrators, instructors, and staff work with University colleagues to complete this transition. It might be hard to envision at this point, but we are confident that a new normal—though not ideal—will be developed that will allow for a successful completion of this semester and academic year. This is not a challenge anyone would wish to face if given a choice, but there is no doubt it is one our community of designers, makers, and creatives are equipped to face. 

Above all—for the sake of you, your family, local community, and the rest of the world—stay safe, everyone! It is imperative to practice social distancing and to follow recommendations published by the CDC and your local public health organizations. The actions each one of us take during the following months are critical to limiting the spread of COVID-19. Do not underestimate the power of individual decisions.