Amir Goli

Amir Goli
  • PhD Student, Architecture

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Amir is a PhD student in Architecture at the University of Kansas. A keen interest in the intersection of technological advancements and architectural design has characterized his academic and professional background. Such a tendency has led him to specialize in areas of virtual reality, computational design, and digital fabrication. During his master's program, he conducted various research projects, such as innovative architectural education and advanced structural design techniques. Amir is passionately channeling his expertise to explore the realms of architectural education and structural design through the lens of virtual reality as he progresses in his PhD journey. 


Master of Architectural Technology, Pars Institute of Architecture & Art, Kãrgar، Iran
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Shahid Chamran, Ahvaz, Iran

Selected Publications

Goli, A., Teymournia, F., Naemabadi, M., and Andaji, A. (2022). Architectural design game: A serious game approach to promote teaching and learning using multimodal interfaces. Education and Information Technologies.  

Goli, A., Alaghmandan, M., and Barazandeh, F. (2021). Parametric Structural Topology Optimization of High-Rise Buildings Considering Wind and Gravity Loads. Journal of Architectural Engineering.