Maryam Altaweel

Maryam Altaweel
  • PhD Student, Architecture


Maryam is an architecture student deeply committed to sustainable design and innovative solutions. Her architectural journey began in Baghdad, where she earned a bachelor's degree. During her master's studies at the University of Kansas, she focused on eco-friendly construction materials, particularly the thermal properties of rammed earth walls. This approach solidified her belief in the harmonious combination of aesthetics and environmental responsibility, leading her to champion sustainable practices and earn recognition for her eco-conscious designs. 


B.Sc in Architecture, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq
M,Arch, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA


In her Ph.D. research, Maryam is examining the possibilities of shape memory composite materials. These materials, with their dynamic and adaptive qualities, captivate her interest. Her focus lies in exploring the innovative applications of these materials within architectural contexts, aiming to create structures that intelligently respond to environmental factors. Maryam’s goal is integrating innovative materials to design buildings that minimize their environmental impact and dynamically interact with the surrounding world. 


Selected Publications

Alyasari, Haider I., Maryam D. Altaweel, and Ammar K. Dhumad. "A Practical Alternative Wall System to Promote Buildings Energy Efficiency: A Comparative Environmental Study." International Journal of Sustainable Development & Planning 18.2 (2023). 

Alyasari, Haider I., Maryam D. Altaweel, and Hussein Attya. "User Habits Impact on Winter Energy Consumption in Iraqi Houses." Kerbala Journal for Engineering Science 2.2 (2022): 129-144.