Salwa Mohammad Alawneh

Salwa Mohammad Alawneh
  • PhD Student, Architecture


Within my bachelor years, I have been developing an interest in the social aspect of architecture. By proceeding my MArch, I was in the inclusive design research group from the University at Buffalo. I had the chance there to get involve with refugee contexts in designing a project located within the city and I gained a chair award of high-caliber design work performed in the design studios. Hence, I brought this to my country, Jordan, as it hosts more than three million refugees who are seeking a safe haven. Therefore, I conducted my thesis on researching the urban design of refugee settlements in Jordan. 

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in the school of architecture and design at KU. I find myself privileged to pursue my research interest in refugee spaces. While the issue is a current and there is a critical discourse of the recent influxes to Jordan, I try to understand the key concerns and dilemmas of the social and sudden demographic changes in urban areas of refugees and accordingly bring a proactive approach of urban resilience to maintain urban security and livability of their settings in Jordanian cities. 


BS ARCE, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Master of Architecture, University at Buffalo