Professors and PhD student receive KU International Affairs grants for research, collaboration abroad

LAWRENCE – KU International Affairs has announced that KU School of Architecture & Design professors Jae Chang and Elise Kirk and doctoral student Ifeloju Olusanya have received travel grants to support research and collaboration abroad. 

Travel grants were awarded to 11 KU faculty members and two graduate students university-wide. All funds prioritize projects that help to grow or expand the influence of KU research, further student success or promote healthy and vibrant communities. 

Jae Chang, professor of architecture, will travel to South Korea to develop, strengthen and renew opportunities for KU students and faculty that promote institutional exchange, partnerships and academic collaborations with partner institutions and industry leaders. 

Elise Kirk, assistant professor of photography, will travel to Italy to research and complete photographic work at the intersection of the humanities and ecological thinking in Sicily, a location that is a hybrid landscape of rural agrarian life and global petrochemistry manufacturing. 

Ifeloju Olusanya, doctoral student in architecture, will travel to Nigeria to explore the perspectives of residents, experts and business owners on cultural heritage resource development. 

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