Kansas/Missouri Reciprocity Guidelines

The tuition reciprocity agreement between Missouri and Kansas covers Missouri residents pursuing professionally accredited architecture and Industrial Design degrees at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University.  The current agreement provides a set number of in-state fee waivers to each university. The number of waivers assigned to the University of Kansas will cover most, if not all, of the eligible Missouri students in our School.

Continuing students previously holding a waiver have first priority each semester, provided their academic performance meets the School’s standards. All other students, including newly admitted students, will be assigned remaining waivers from a rank ordered list based on academic performance and preparation. New students in the M.Arch. I, II and III program, in the B.S., IA and the B.F.A in Industrial Design are placed on a rank ordered list upon admission. They will be notified on an individual basis of assignment of a tuition waiver.

We attempt to notify students in late spring or before Summer Orientation. Some students may receive late notification of a waiver and a refund will be processed after fee payment.

We are sorry that this results in uncertainty as you plan your college budget. It might be helpful to know that, currently, 100% of eligible Missouri students in our School do hold waivers.  If you have questions, please contact Joan Weaver.