Studio Spotlight: Designbuild students creating educational pavilion at children's museum

KU ArcD's ongoing collaboration with the Kansas Children's Discovery Center is about to realize another architectural attraction at the interactive children’s museum in Topeka. 
The Prairie Pavilion will create a welcoming sculptural landmark that calls visitors to interact with our state’s native landscape and learn about prairie ecosystems. Built of concrete and steel, the pavilion is designed to withstand restorative controlled burns that are essential to maintaining a healthy prairie. 
After weeks of site work in Topeka and prefabrication in Lawrence, Keith Van de Riet's third-year design-build students are now prepping the pavilion’s structural components for galvanizing. Soon, the components will be delivered to the Discovery Center for assembly. 

To see how the pavilion has come together and watch it rise from the restored prairie at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, follow the third-year architecture studio on Instagram.

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