Warning Signs photo exhibition in the Corridor Gallery

Warning Signs 

Corridor Gallery photography exhibition, November 15 - December 11, 2018 

Seemingly simple black and white photographs depicting hand-lettered signage with stern messages of authority transmitted through imprecise language have a conceptual and critical richness that creeps in then quickly surprises. Separated from the context of setting, the effect of the carelessly deployed language ranges from ominous to bizarre to hilarious. 

The enigmatic quality of the photographs is enhanced by their unknown provenance. Found by Kansas City artist, Peregrine Honig, at a garage sale, and given to artist and Dolphin Frames owner, Archie Gobber, there is no knowledge of why the series was composed. 

The exhibition was curated by Mike Sinclair, photographer and Professor of Practice in the KU School of Architecture & Design, and sequenced by Photography student Karrie Forestier. The KU Photography program’s Corridor Gallery is located on the 200 level of Chalmers Hall. See the Corridor Gallery Instagram page for more information about current and future exhibitions.