2027 Interaction Design Curriculum (KU Core)

If you are a current Visual Communication student, class of 2027 on the KU Core please work closely with your advisor and program faculty to update your grad plan. If you are currently on track in VISC to graduate on-time switching to IXD should not add any time to your graduation timeline.

*Studio Credit Hours have changed from 3cr to 4cr please work with your advisor to see how that affects your Professional Studies Requirement, number of ADS 320 credits or Concentration requirements, there is flexibility in the number of credits for professional studies/ design electives, concentration credits, please work closely with your advisor.

You must complete ADS 320 at least 3 times for 3 credits total. You must have 120 credit hours to graduate.


First-Year Fall
BDS 101: Think and Make3
BDS 103: Drawing for Design3
ADS 325: Design Thinking and Research3
KU Core: HA 150/160 (AE4.2)3
KU Core: English 101 (GE2.1)3
ADS 320: KU Design Lecture Series1
First-Year Spring
ADS 560: Digital Design3
VISC 200: Foundations in Typography3
ADS 340: History of Design3
KU Core: HA 151/161 (GE3H)3
KU Core: ENGL 102 or ENGL 105 (GE2.1)3
ADS 320: KU Design Lecture Series1
Second-Year Fall
VISC 202: Elements of Type4
VISC 204: Principles in Visual Communication4
KU Core: ADS 401: Design Ethics (AE5.1)3
KU Core: Quantitive Literacy (GD1.1)3
ADS 320: Professional Lecture Series1
 15 cr
Second-Year Spring
VISC 302: Typographic Systems4
VISC 304: Designing Understanding4
IXD 302: Fundamentals in UI/UX Design3
KU Core: Oral Communication (GE2.2)3
Third-Year Fall
IXD 402: Interaction Design 24
IXD 404: Dataviz and Digital Storytelling 4
KU Core: Human Diversity (AE4.1)3
HA Elective (or ADS 345)3
ADS 320: Professional Lecture Series1
Third-Year Spring
IXD 412: Interaction Design 34
IXD 414: Design Systems 4
IXD 430: Portfolio3
KU Core: Natural Science (GE3N)3
Fourth-Year Fall
IXD 432: Interaction Design 44
IXD 415: Emerging Technologies 4
ADS 450: Navigating the Creative and Legal Landscape3
Design Elective (or Concentration 3cr)4*
 15* cr
Fourth-Year Spring
IXD 442: Interaction Design 54
ADS 455: Senior Show Seminar 1
Design Elective (or Concentration 3cr)4*
KU Core: ENGL 203, 205, 209, 210, 211 (GE1.1)3
KU Core: Social Science (GE3S)3
 15* cr