Master of Architecture (5-year) Curriculum

The core of the curriculum for students enrolled in the five-year path is a sequence of design studios composing approximately one-third of the total degree requirements. Students also complete sequences in graphics, structures, building construction, environmental technology, and architectural history. They must meet a study abroad requirement, and take electives. Course-work in site planning, urban design, and professional practice completes the professional content. In addition, students are expected to complete coursework in a variety of academic disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of architecture. These general education requirements include courses in mathematics, physics, English, communications, humanities and Western civilization, and a variety of other fields. In the last year of study, students chose a Final Year Option path. 

The below curriculum is a sample curriculum and subject to change. Students should meet with their academic advisor at least once per semester to ensure proper enrollment and track to graduation.

First Year Fall
ARCH 108: Architectural Foundations I6
ARCH 103: Intro to Architecture3
ENGL 101: Critical Reading and Writing3
MATH 105 or MATH 1153
First Year Spring
ARCH 109: Architectural Foundations II6
ARCH 110: Intro to Design Computing3
PHSX 114: College Physics4
ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing3
HUM 204 (or 205): Western Civilization I (or II)3
Second Year Fall
ARCH 208: Form and Function6
ARCH 605: Visualizing Site & Natural Environment Systems3
ARCH 524: Structures I3
ARCH 540: Global History of Architecture I3
KU Core Goal 3 Social Science3
Second Year Spring
ARCH 209: Sustainability, Site, and Context6
ARCH 620: Theory of Urban Design3
ARCH 541: Global History of Architecture II3
ARCH 624: Structures II3
KU Core Goal 2.23
Third Year Fall
ARCH 508: Materials and Tectonics or ARCH 509: Designbuild 6
ARCH 630: Theory of Architecture or ARCH 510: Architectural Detailing3
ARCH 530: Environmental Systems I3
ARCH 626: Building Tech I: Construction Systems and Assemblies3
KU Core Social Sciences3
Third Year Spring
ARCH 509: Design Build or ARCH 508: Materials and Tectonics6
ARCH 510: Architectural Detailing or ARCH 630: Theory of Architecture3
ARCH 531: Environmental Systems II3
ARCH 627: Building Tech II: Culture of Building Technology3
Architecture Elective3
Third Year Summer

ARCH 690: Study Abroad
(To be taken during winter or summer sessions between third and fourth or between fourth and fifth years)

Fourth Year Fall
ARCH 608: Urban Dwelling6
ARCH 552: Prof Practice/Arch Role in Society3
ARCH 658: Programming & Pre-Design3
ARCH Elective #13
Fourth Year Spring
ARCH 609: Integrated Design 6
ARCH 610: Integrated Design Doc 3
ARCH Elective #23
Free Professional Elective (ARCH, IA, DESIGN, ARCE, UBPL)3
Fifth Year Fall
ARCH 8xx: Professional Option (Part 1)6
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Fifth Year Spring
ARCH 8xx: Professional Option (Part 2)6
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3