Master of Architecture (5-year) Curriculum

The core of the curriculum for students enrolled in the five-year path is a sequence of design studios composing approximately one-third of the total degree requirements. Students also complete sequences in graphics, structures, building construction, environmental technology, and architectural history. They must meet a study abroad requirement, and take electives. Course-work in site planning, urban design, and professional practice completes the professional content. In addition, students are expected to complete coursework in a variety of academic disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of architecture. These general education requirements include courses in mathematics, physics, English, communications, humanities and Western civilization, and a variety of other fields. In the last year of study, students chose a Final Year Option path. 

The below curriculum is a sample curriculum and subject to change. Current students should consult their advisor for the most up-to-date degree requirements.

First Year Fall
ARCH 108: Architectural Foundations I6
ARCH 103: Intro to Architecture3
ENGL 101: Critical Reading and Writing3
MATH 105 or MATH 1153
First Year Spring
ARCH 109: Architectural Foundations II6
ARCH 110: Intro to Design Computing3
PHSX 114: College Physics4
ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing3
HUM 204 (or 205): Western Civilization I (or II)3
Second Year Fall
ARCH 208: Form and Function6
ARCH 605: Visualizing Site & Natural Environment Systems3
ARCH 524: Structures I3
ARCH 540: Global History of Architecture I3
KU Core Goal 3 Social Science3
Second Year Spring
ARCH 209: Sustainability, Site, and Context6
ARCH 620: Theory of Urban Design3
ARCH 541: Global History of Architecture II3
ARCH 624: Structures II3
KU Core Goal 2.23
Third Year Fall
ARCH 508: Materials and Tectonics or ARCH 509: Designbuild 6
ARCH 630: Theory of Architecture or ARCH 510: Architectural Detailing3
ARCH 530: Environmental Systems I3
ARCH 626: Building Tech I: Construction Systems and Assemblies3
KU Core Social Sciences3
Third Year Spring
ARCH 509: Design Build or ARCH 508: Materials and Tectonics6
ARCH 510: Architectural Detailing or ARCH 630: Theory of Architecture3
ARCH 531: Environmental Systems II3
ARCH 627: Building Tech II: Culture of Building Technology3
Architecture Elective3
Third Year Summer

ARCH 690: Study Abroad
(To be taken during winter or summer sessions between third and fourth or between fourth and fifth years)

Fourth Year Fall
ARCH 608: Urban Dwelling6
ARCH 552: Prof Practice/Arch Role in Society3
ARCH 658: Programming & Pre-Design3
ARCH Elective #13
Fourth Year Spring
ARCH 609: Integrated Design 6
ARCH 610: Integrated Design Doc 3
ARCH Elective #23
Free Professional Elective (ARCH, IA, DESIGN, ARCE, UBPL)3
Fifth Year Fall
ARCH 8xx: Professional Option (Part 1)6
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Fifth Year Spring
ARCH 8xx: Professional Option (Part 2)6
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3
Architecture Elective3