Student Laptop Loan Program

Both undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled at the School of Architecture and Design could borrow laptops from the school computer lab for academic work for emergency use. Students who need a laptop should fill out the online form given below. Once an application is submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the Chair of their respective Department and the School's IT Director. The Chair will then review the request and advise the IT Director of the school to loan the student a laptop. Since the number of laptops available for loan is limited, loaning a laptop will be on the ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

The eligible emergency needs include:
  • Student’s personal laptop is broken and in repair.
  • A student does not have specific software in their personal laptop for which the school currently holds license, and the student needs to work on coursework from home or while out-of-town for a specific shorter period.
  • The Department Chair could decide other situations as eligible emergencies for borrowing a laptop.
  • Not owning a personal laptop is not considered an emergency need to borrow a laptop.

The length of the loan period is one semester, and the borrower will return the laptop at the end of the semester.  If a student wants to borrow a laptop consecutively within an academic year, it will require special permission from the respective Department Chair. 

When borrowing, students will sign below and promise to return the laptop by an agreed upon date to the school’s IT Director. Violation of the return policy will trigger a hold on student’s account. Students are prohibited from downloading any software or requesting installation of software for which the school does not hold license. A student who borrowed a laptop is responsible for the proper use and safety of the equipment. If the laptop gets damaged during the borrowed period, the STUDENT is liable to pay for the cost of the repair or replacement of the laptop as determined by the school.

Please fill out the application below to apply: