Studio Spotlight: first-year design students explore typography in three dimensions

What does language look like?  

In what has become a fall tradition at the University of Kansas, teams of first-year design students install sculptural messages throughout campus.  

By taking typographic studies from two dimensions into three, students discover countless insights into how language can be visually expressed and how ideas can be emphasized, altered, and sometimes completely transformed by context.  

Projects like these can be fun (they definitely are for passers-by on campus), but they illuminate foundational concepts and build skillsets that professional designers use every day. 

Undergraduate and graduate design programs at KU prepare animators, graphic designers, marketing creatives, motion designers, product designers, UX/UI developers, and other multidisciplinary communicators to thrive as innovative practitioners. 

Undergraduate Degrees: 

Illustration & Animation | Industrial Design | Photography | Visual Communication Design

Graduate Degrees: 

Design Management & Strategy | Interaction & User Experience Design